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Meet hundreds of different types of iguanas. These iguanas are the most special and different in the world. They have their own unique styles and characteristics. How about going on an adventure with these iguanas?


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7,777 NFTs Collection


Get To Know The Iguana Colony

Known as the shape shifter of South American forests, iguanas are tropical animals known to change color according to their environment. What if they have different lives in the moments we do not see or witness?
Maybe a soldier, maybe a weightlifting bodybuilder who goes to the gym every day, or a taxi driver. When we look at their private lives, they have different personalities, lifestyles and professions just like us. Because they are known for their shapeshifting, perhaps they can even fit all these styles into the same life. There is no doubt that they can reflect a good, bad, fun and calm personality in the same body!

Meet Our Team

The Beginning Of The Adventure

The Iguana Colony project, which everyone is looking forward to, will be available on the OpenSea marketplace in the first week of January. The project will be on the Ethereum network. We want everyone to take part in this project, which has emerged with the aim of being the best community.
We will distribute 777 out of 7,777 NFTs to you free of charge. 777 NFTs will be chosen randomly and It will be distributed by unconditional lottery, 10 pieces each week. Don't worry, more surprises await you after 777 NFTs are distributed. The remaining 7000 NFTs will be auctioned for a minimum value of 0.025 ETH. We will randomly accept 1000 highest bidders every day, so the auction will only last 7 days. Unsold NFTs after 7 days will be priced according to their rarity. Follow us on social media, there we will start the countdown to when the sale will start. Happy new year to everyone!
Iguana Colony Team






Software Developer

  • What is the Iguana Colony?
    Iguana Colony is a unique NFT collection that will be released in early 2023. After joining other NFT communities and building an NFT portfolio, we worked hard to create a unique collection with just the right combination of attitudes and here we are. We think this project will be a great social community because we will regularly organize great events, social responsibility projects and distribute great gifts. The rarest traits are the least likely to be found among the Iguana Colony, and each trait has a corresponding rarity point. "Iguana Colony" collection features 7,777 unique, algorithmically generated NFT characters from over 243 hand-drawn traits with different levels of rarity.
  • How many Iguana Colony will there be?
    7,777 Iguana Colony
  • How much does a Iguana Colony cost?
    The cost of the Iguana Colony differs for each adventurous iguana.
  • How can I get my hands on one of the Iguana Colony?
    We will be with you soon on OpenSea platform to see our collection and join this adventure.
  • What commercial use / IP rights do I get?
    When you purchase a Iguana Colony, you own that NFT and have a worldwide license to use, copy, and display the purchased Iguana Colony for commercial and personal uses. Examples of commercial use would be the use of the Art to produce and sell merchandise products (T-Shirts etc.), displaying copies of the Art or by licensing the exact, unmodified Art to a writer looking for an artwork for a book. When you purchase a Iguana Colony, you can earn revenue from the marketplaces that permit the use and sale of Iguana Colony generally, provided that the marketplace cryptographically verifies each Iguana Colony owner’s rights to display the Art for their Iguana Colony. You will not have right to create and sell derivatives of the Art, or distort or otherwise modify the Art or any of its parts, its colors, design, etc. or use any trademarks, brand names, logos or other intellectual property rights belonging to Iguana Colony. You may not, and may not allow any third party to use name, pseudonym and/or likeness of Iguana Colony authors/artists, brand name, logos or other IP and assets in any kind of activities that may lead to misleading costumers or/and false association, false endorsement, etc.
  • What social media sites can I find the Iguana Colony on?
    We are on Twitter, Instagram and we have a discord community up and running. We want to hear from you so please share you thoughts about the Iguana Colony on any of our platforms.
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